Dr. Keluo Chukwuogo (MFR)

Chukwukeluo (Bosah) E. Chukwuogo is the founder and current managing director of Boskel. He started his career as a chemical engineer for the Delta Steel Company (DSC) in Delta State, Nigeria where he rose to Senior Engineer responsible for raw materials and production planning. However, after seeing other opportunities to contribute to the industrial development and progress of indigenous Nigerian enterprises he set out to found Boskel based on the vision that more appropriate solutions to industrial process problems were optimal and needed; ostensibly to address the failures of conventional solutions stemming from widely varying supporting infrastructure capabilities, technical competence level, and financial constraints. Following this vision he tackled the first problem that was around him where he lived at the time (i.e. the abundance of smoky gas flaring being used liberally across the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria causing serious environmental concerns), and developed the Boskel Smokeless Flare technology that became the flagship product of the company for years to come. Following the success of Boskel Smokeless Flare technology, he led the company's growth in technical manpower, revenue, and name brand recognition. Today, he continues to guide the company as its managing director into new markets.

Keluo Chukwuogo is formally trained as a Chemical Engineer with a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. His passion for academic and formal training guided him through a M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and a PG.D in Metallurgical Engineering both from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Following that, he completed a M.Sc and Ph.D in Process Systems Engineering from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. His formal business training continued with an Executive MBA program at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. His diverse engineering and business background have continued to be the template for engineer and staff training at Boskel. This approach to staff training has garnered much acclaim for Boskel's effort to raise the bar in staff development and training.

Finally, Keluo Chukwuogo is a devoted technologist at heart and a passionate philanthropist in kind. He supports various charity organizations and social associations. His contributions to the development of Nigerian industry have been recognized by Nigeria's premier engineering institution that inducted him into the Nigerian "ENGINEERS HALL OF FAME" in 2002. He was also recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria that duly awarded him the prestigious "MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC" (MFR) title in 2003.

Keluo Chukwuogo is a connoisseur of his own fine wines whenever he makes them, an avid photographer, and relishes in traveling and geography. He is married to Ifeoma Edith Chukwuogo (nee Maifiana). They have four children. He also enjoys jogging and playing squash.

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